Workers Compensation

In the State of Illinois workers are protected by the Illinois Workers Compensation Act. (820 ILCS 305).

This Act was designed to protect the rights of workers who sustain work-related injuries or illnesses. The injury or illness can be the result of a specific accident, or build over time from repetitive acts such as lifting, bending, carrying or even typing.

There is a wide range of incidents and job duties that can lead to many kinds of injuries, traumas and illnesses.  Illinois injured workers are entitled to benefits under the Illinois Workers Compensation Act.  These benefits will compensate for:

  1. Lost wages due to missed work
  2. Medical expenses incurred as the result of injury
  3. The permanent effect the injury will have on the ability to work in the future

Learn more about workers compensation cases, proceedings and benefits in our FAQ section.

Unfortunately, injured workers are often unaware of their rights.  We know your rights and will work tirelessly to protect them.  Contact us.  We will consult with you free of charge.  And, if you have a valid workers’ compensation case, we will represent you on a contingency basis. Which means you owe no fees, unless we prevail.

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