What am I to if I have any injury at work?
The Illinois Workers Compensation act provides numerous benefits for those injured on the job, these include:
a) Medical care that is reasonably required to cure or relieve the employee of the effects of the injury;
b) Temporary total disability (TTD) benefits while the employee is off work, recovering from the injury;
c) Temporary partial disability (TPD) benefits while the employee is recovering from the injury but working on light duty for less compensation;
d) Vocational rehabilitation/maintenance benefits are provided to an injured employee who is participating in an approved vocational rehabilitation program;
e) Permanent partial disability (PPD) benefits for an employee who sustains some permanent disability or disfigurement, but can work;
f) Permanent total disability (PTD) benefits for an employee who is rendered permanently unable to work;
g) Death benefits for surviving family members.

“I hurt myself at work but thought it would just get better so I didn’t tell my supervisor right away. Can I still make a claim?” Yes. Under the Act you have 45 days to report a specific accident to your employer.

“I had an accident at work and my employer sent me to the company clinic. Can I see my own doctor?” Yes. Under the law you are entitled to see up to two doctors of your own choosing.

“I have had back problems for years, however I believe my work is making it worse. Is this a workers compensation case?” Most likely, however this will need to be determined by a trained medical specialist. Under Illinois law, an aggravation of a pre-existing condition is compensable.

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